Can I make mass Sending via the Whatsapp API?

We encourage our customers not to send unwanted messages and not to make bulk marketing messages. Otherwise your account can be blocked by the WhatsApp anti-spam system! The Wa0 allows you to send up to 6,000+ messages per day. BUT! If recipients do not want to receive such messages, they will click the "Spam" button in WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp account will be blocked. It is possible to send only messages that the recipients expect.

I need to send more than 6,000 messages a day. What to do?

Use multiple accounts. Multiple numbers of WhatsApp allow you to send more messages per day. If you use more than 5 accounts, we provide a discount. Accounts are added on request to technical support.

How many WhatsApp accounts can I connect for 5000 INR / month?

- 5000 INR / month is the payment for connecting to Whatsapp API service 1 account WhatsApp. When using more than 5 accounts, a special price applies. To find out, write to us.

Can I send images, audio and video files?

Yes, you can.
Important! Use the /sendFile method instead of the message (sendMessage) method in the link to the token. Send only https links (do not send http). The maximum file size is 60 mb. It is better to send large files with a link, not base64.

How do I send a message to the WhatsApp group?


Will Whatsapp API be updated when I update WhatsApp?

Yes, it will be updated. whatsapp API has been working and supported since December 2015. Usually there are 3 - 4 updates per year, affecting the work of the Whatsapp API. Within 1 working day, we adapt the API to the changes.